Heartstopper Books in Order, by Alice Oseman

Created by Alice Oseman, the Heartstopper series revolves around the evolving relationship between two high school boys, Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson.

The story begins with Charlie, an openly gay and somewhat reserved student, developing feelings for Nick, a popular and easygoing rugby player.

As their friendship deepens, Charlie grapples with his emotions and the challenges of coming to terms with his sexuality.

Here is the Heartstopper Series in Order

Heartstopper Volume One (2018)
Heartstopper Volume Two (2019)
Heartstopper Volume Three (2020)
Heartstopper Volume Four (2021)
Heartstopper Volume Five (2023)

The following novels and short stories are set in the same universe (The Osemanverse):
This Winter (2015)
Solitaire (2014)
Nick and Charlie (2015)
Radio Silence (2016)
I Was Born for This (2018)
Loveless (2020)

You can find a complete timeline on Alice Oseman’s website.

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