Herbie Movies in Order

Also known as “The Love Bug” franchise, the Herbie franchise is a series of comedy/family films produced by Walt Disney Productions that center around a sentient, anthropomorphic Volkswagen Beetle named Herbie.

The franchise began with the release of the film “The Love Bug” in 1968, directed by Robert Stevenson, in which Herbie is discovered by a down-on-his-luck racing driver named Jim Douglas, portrayed by Dean Jones.

Jim initially dismisses Herbie as a worthless car but soon discovers that Herbie has a mind of his own and possesses remarkable racing abilities. With Herbie as his racing partner, Jim competes in various races and adventures, forming a strong bond with the car along the way.

The success of “The Love Bug” led to the creation of several sequels and spin-offs.

Here are the Herbie Films in Order

The Love Bug (1968)
Herbie Rides Again (1974)
Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo (1977)
Herbie Goes Bananas (1980)
Herbie, the Love Bug (1982)*
The Love Bug (1997)**
Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005)***

*This is a 5-episode television series that follows Herbie and Jim Douglas, now an instructor at the Famous Driving School.
**This was a made-for-TV movie.
***This is a theatrical remake titled starring Lindsay Lohan.

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