Hidden Legacy Books in Order, by Ilona Andrews

Written by Ilona Andrews (Kate Daniels), Hidden Legacy is an urban fantasy series that follows the story of Nevada Baylor and later her younger sister, Catalina Baylor, in a world where magical abilities are at the center of political intrigue.

The series begins with Nevada, a private investigator with the ability to detect lies. She is hired to investigate a case involving a dangerous and powerful magical Prime, Mad Rogan. As the story unfolds, Nevada finds herself drawn into a world of dangerous magical politics, uncovering secrets and facing powerful adversaries.

In subsequent books, the focus shifts to Catalina Baylor, Nevada’s younger sister, as she navigates her own challenges and mysteries.

Here is the Hidden Legacy Series in Order

Burn for Me (2014)
White Hot (2017)
Wildfire (2017)
Diamond Fire” (2018)
Sapphire Flames (2019)
Emerald Blaze (2020)
Ruby Fever (2022)

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