Hillary Greene Books in Order, by Faith Martin

Hillary Greene is a seasoned and tenacious detective with a sharp mind and a no-nonsense attitude working out of Thames Valley Police headquarters in Kidlington, England–also, she lives on a narrowboat.

Throughout the series written by Faith Martin, she navigates the challenges of police work, tackles difficult cases, and confronts personal and professional obstacles as she investigates various crimes ranging from murders to disappearances

Here is the Hillary Greene Series in Order

Murder on the Oxford Canal (A Narrow Escape, 2004)
Murder at the University (On the Straight and Narrow, 2005)
Murder of the Bride (Narrow Is the Way, 2006)
Murder in the Village (By a Narrow Majority, 2006)
Murder in the Family (Through a Narrow Door, 2007)
Murder at Home (With a Narrow Blade, 2007)
Murder in the Meadow (Beside a Narrow Stream, 2008)
Murder in the Mansion (Down a Narrow Path, 2008)
Murder in the Garden (Across the Narrow Blue Line, 2009)
Murder by Fire (A Narrow Point of View, 2010)
Murder at Work (A Narrow Exit, 2011)
Murder Never Retires (A Narrow Return, 2012)
Murder of a Lover (A Narrow Margin of Error, 2013)
Murder Never Misses (Walk a Narrow Mile, 2013)
Murder at Midnight (A Narrow Victory, 2015)
Murder in Mind (The Work of a Narrow Mind, 2015)
Hillary’s Final Case (A Narrow Trajectory, 2016)
Hillary’s Back! (2020)
Murder Now and Then (2021)
Murder in the Parish (2023)

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