Holly Barker Books in Order, by Stuart Woods

Holly Barker is a former Army MP (Military Police) who becomes the Chief of Police in the small town of Orchid Beach, Florida, who finds herself involved in various criminal investigations and facing challenges in both her personal and professional life.

As the series progresses, Holly Barker has to navigate through the complexities of law enforcement, relationships, and the unique dynamics of Orchid Beach.

The Holly Barker series was written by Stuart Woods (1938 – 2022).

Here is the Holly Barker Series in Order

Orchid Beach (1998)
Orchid Blues (2001)
Blood Orchid (2002)
Reckless Abandon (2004)
Iron Orchid (2005)
Hothouse Orchid (2009)

Once the series concluded, Holly Barker continued to appear in other Stuart Woods books in the Stone Barrington series as a secondary character (or just for cameos).

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