Home Front Detective Books in Order, by Edward Marston

The Home Front Detective series is a historical mystery series written by Keith Miles under the pseudonym Edward Marston set during World War I.

The stories follow the investigations of Detective Inspector Harvey Marmion and his partner, Sergeant Joe Keedy, as they solve crimes against the backdrop of wartime Britain.

Despite the challenges posed by the war, Marmion and Keedy work diligently to unravel mysteries and bring criminals to justice.

Here is the Home Front Detective Series in Order

A Bespoke Murder (2011)
An Instrument of Slaughter (2012)
Five Dead Canaries (2013)
Deeds of Darkness (2014)
Dance of Death (2015)
The Enemy Within (2016)
Under Attack (2017)
The Unseen Hand (2019)
Orders to Kill (2021)
Danger of Defeat (2023)
Spring Offensive (2024)

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