Hope Street Church Mysteries in Order, by Ellery Adams

The “Hope Street Church Mystery” series is a cozy mystery series written by Ellery Adams (Book Retreat Mysteries) that follows the adventures of Cooper Lee, a member of the Hope Street Church in the small town of Sweet Pepper, South Carolina.

The stories revolve around Cooper’s involvement in solving various mysteries and crimes that occur in her community.

The series often features a blend of small-town charm, community dynamics, and amateur sleuthing as Cooper works to uncover the truth behind the mysteries.

Here are the Hope Street Church Mystery Books in Order

The Path of the Crooked (2014)
The Way of the Wicked (2014)
The Graves of the Guilty (2014)
The Root of All Evil (2014)*
Fate of the Fallen (2016)*
The Deeds of the Deceitful (2020)**
Methods of Malice (2023)**

*Novels co-written with Elizabeth Lockard.
**Novels co-written with Tina Radcliffe.

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