InCryptid Books in Order, by Seanan McGuire

This urban fantasy book series written by Seanan McGuire (Wayward Children) follows the Price family, who are cryptozoologists specializing in the study of mythical and supernatural creatures.

Verity Price is a member of the family who has chosen a different path from the family’s tradition of hunting and killing monsters.

As the series unfolds, Verity becomes embroiled in various adventures and encounters with cryptids (supernatural creatures) as she navigates her way through a world where magical beings exist alongside humans.

Here is the InCryptid Series in Order

Discount Armageddon (2012)
Midnight Blue-Light Special (2013)
Half-Off Ragnarok (2014)
Pocket Apocalypse (2015)
Chaos Choreography (2016)
Magic For Nothing (2017)
Tricks for Free (2018)
That Ain’t Witchcraft (2019)
Imaginary Numbers (2020)
Calculated Risks (2021)
Spelunking Through Hell (2022)
Backpacking through Bedlam (2023)
Aftermarket Afterlife (2024)

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