Innkeeper Chronicles in Order, by Ilona Andrews

Dina Demille runs an inn that caters to a diverse array of guests, including aliens from different planets and dimensions. The inn itself is a magical and sentient entity with the ability to provide a secure and comfortable environment for its guests.

Dina’s role as the innkeeper involves managing various challenges that arise among the guests, maintaining the balance of power, and ensuring the safety of everyone under her care.

As the series progresses, Dina becomes involved in larger conflicts and mysteries that extend beyond the boundaries of her inn.

The Innkeeper Chronicles is a sci-fi and fantasy series written by Ilona Andrews (Hidden Legacy).

Here are the Innkeeper Chronicles Books in Order

Clean Sweep (2013)
Sweep in Peace (2015)
One Fell Sweep (2016)
Sweep with Me” (2020)
Sweep of the Blade (2019)
Sweep of the Heart (2022)

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