Inspector Banks Books in Order, by Peter Robinson

Written by Peter Robinson (1950 – 2022), this crime fiction series follows the investigations of Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks in the fictional town of Eastvale, Yorkshire, England.

The stories revolve around Banks as he tackles various criminal cases, predominantly murder mysteries.

Each book in the series delves into the personal and professional life of Inspector Banks as he uses his investigative skills to solve the mysteries, uncovering motives and navigating the complexities of each case.

Here is the Inspector Banks Series in Order

Gallows View (1987)
A Dedicated Man (1988)
A Necessary End (1989)
The Hanging Valley (1989)
Past Reason Hated (1991)
Wednesday’s Child (1992)
Final Account (1994)
Innocent Graves (1996)
Blood at the Root (1997)
In a Dry Season (1999)
Cold Is the Grave (2000)
Aftermath (2001)
Close to Home (2003)
Playing with Fire (2004)
Strange Affair (2005)
Piece of My Heart (2005)
Friend of the Devil (2007)
All the Colors of Darkness (2008)
Going Back” (2009)
Bad Boy (2010)
Watching the Dark (2012)
Children of the Revolution (2013)
In the Dark Places (2014)
Summer Rain” (2015)
The Good Partner” (2016)
When the Music’s Over (2016)
Sleeping in the Ground (2017)
Careless Love (2018)
Many Rivers to Cross (2019)
Not Dark Yet (2021)
Standing in the Shadows (2023)

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