Inspector Gamache Books in Order, by Louise Penny

Written by Louise Penny, this mystery series is set in the fictional village of Three Pines in Quebec, Canada, and follows Chief Inspector Armand Gamache as he solves various crimes and murder mysteries in the village and its surrounding areas.

Each book revolves around a mystery plot while also delving into the personal lives and relationships of the recurring characters.

The stories often explore the dark undercurrents beneath the idyllic surface of the village, and Inspector Gamache employs his keen investigative skills to uncover the truth and bring justice to the community.

Here is the Inspector Gamache Series in Order

Still Life (2005)
A Fatal Grace (2006)
The Cruelest Month (2007)
A Rule Against Murder (2008)
The Brutal Telling (2009)
Bury Your Dead (2010)
The Hangman” (2010)
A Trick of the Light (2011)
The Beautiful Mystery (2012)
How the Light Gets In (2013)
The Long Way Home (2014)
The Nature of the Beast (2015)
A Great Reckoning (2016)
Glass Houses (2017)
Kingdom of the Blind (2018)
A Better Man (2019)
All the Devils Are Here (2020)
The Madness of Crowds (2021)
A World of Curiosities (2022)

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