Inspector Ian Rutledge Books in Order, by Charles Todd

Ian Rutledge is a shell-shocked veteran of World War I who struggles with his own personal demons, including the persistent presence of a soldier named Hamish in his mind.

Despite his own internal conflicts, Rutledge is dedicated to solving crimes and bringing justice to the victims as a Scotland Yard detective.

The Inspector Ian Rutledge book series is written by Charles Todd (a mother-and-son writing team using the pseudonym Charles Todd).

Here is the Inspector Ian Rutledge Series in Order

Cold Comfort” (2013)*
A Guid Soldier” (2015)*
The Piper” (2017)*
A Test of Wills (1996)
Wings of Fire (1998)
Search the Dark (1999)
Legacy of the Dead (2000)
Watchers of Time (2001)
A Fearsome Doubt (2002)
A Cold Treachery (2005)
A Long Shadow (2006)
A False Mirror (2007)
A Pale Horse (2008)
A Matter of Justice (2009)
The Red Door (2010)
The Kidnapping” (2010)
A Lonely Death (2011)
The Confession (2012)
Proof of Guilt (2013)
Hunting Shadows (2014)
A Fine Summer’s Day (2015)
No Shred of Evidence (2016)
Racing the Devil (2017)
The Gate Keeper (2018)
The Black Ascot (2019)
A Divided Loyalty (2020)
A Fatal Lie (2021)
A Game of Fear (2022)

*Those are prequel novellas.

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