J.P. Beaumont Books in Order, by J. A. Jance

Written by American author J.A. Jance, the J.P. Beaumont series is a collection of mystery novels written about J.P. Beaumont who is a Seattle homicide detective.

Each book typically features Beaumont solving various murder cases and navigating the complexities of the criminal justice system.

The stories often involve intriguing mysteries, suspenseful plot twists, and character development as Beaumont tackles different crimes in the Pacific Northwest.

Here is the J.P. Beaumont Series in Order

Until Proven Guilty (1985)
Injustice for All (1986)
Trial by Fury (1986)
Taking the Fifth (1987)
Improbable Cause (1987)
A More Perfect Union (1988)
Dismissed with Prejudice (1989)
Minor in Possession (1990)
Payment in Kind (1991)
Without Due Process (1993)
Failure to Appear (1994)
Lying in Wait (1995)
Name Withheld (1997)
Breach of Duty (1999)
Birds of Prey (2002)
Partner in Crime (2003)
Long Time Gone (2005)
Justice Denied (2007)
Fire and Ice (2009)
Betrayal of Trust (2011)
Ring in the Dead” (2013)
Second Watch (2013)
Stand Down” (2015)
Dance of the Bones (2015)
Still Dead” (2017)
Proof of Life (2017)
Sins of the Fathers (2019)
Nothing to Lose (2022)
Den of Iniquity (2024)

*These books are crossover stories with the Joanna Brady series.
**This is a crossover with the Walker Family Series.

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