J. W. Wells & Co. Books in Order, by Tom Holt

The J.W. Wells & Co. series by Tom Holt is a comedic fantasy series set in a world where magic and modern technology coexist. The series revolves around the employees of J.W. Wells & Co., a magical corporation that provides services ranging from spellcasting to magical consulting.

The series follows Paul Carpenter, a regular human who inadvertently becomes entangled with the magical world when he takes a job at J.W. Wells & Co. Paul finds himself dealing with eccentric coworkers, absurd magical mishaps, and bizarre corporate politics as he navigates his new job.

Each book in the series follows Paul and his colleagues as they tackle various magical challenges, often with hilarious consequences.

Here is the J. W. Wells & Co. Series in Order

The Portable Door (2003)
In Your Dreams (2004)
Earth, Air, Fire and Custard (2005)
You Don’t Have to Be Evil to Work Here, But It Helps (2006)
The Better Mousetrap (2008)
May Contain Traces of Magic (2009)
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sausages (2011)
The Eight Reindeer of the Apocalypse (2023)

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