Jack Ryan Jr. Books in Order, by Tom Clancy and others

Also known as the “Campus” series, this is a spin-off of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series that revolves around Jack Ryan Jr. who works for a covert intelligence organization known as “The Campus,” which operates off the books to address threats to the United States that may not be handled through traditional channels.

Throughout the series, Jack Jr. is involved in various missions and investigations, often dealing with terrorism, espionage, and other global threats. He works alongside a team of skilled operatives, including his cousins, John Clark and Domingo “Ding” Chavez, among others.

Tom Clancy only wrote the first novel, other authors took over after his death.

Here is the Jack Ryan Jr. Series in Order

The Teeth of the Tiger (2003)
Under Fire (2013)*
Duty and Honor (2016)*
Point of Contact (2017)**
Line of Sight (2018)**
Enemy Contact (2019)**
Firing Point (2020)**
Target Acquired (2021)***
Zero Hour (2022)***
Flash Point (2023)***
Weapons Grade (2023)***
Shadow State (2024)****

*These novels were written by Grant Blackwood.
**These novels were written by Mike Maden.
***These novels were written by Don Bentley.
****This novel was written by M. P. Woodward.

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