Jake Grafton Books in Order, by Stephen Coonts

Jake Grafton, a naval aviator–and later a high-ranking officer in the United States Navy–who is often involved in various military and political mysteries, from Cold War tensions to more contemporary global conflicts.

As a pilot, he faces challenges in the air, and as his career progresses, he becomes entangled in complex espionage and military operations.

This military and political thriller series was written by Stephen Coonts who also wrote a spin-off series about the character Tommy Carmellini.

Here is the Jake Grafton Series in Order

Flight of the Intruder (1986)
The Intruders (1994)
Final Flight (1985)
The Minotaur (1989)
Under Siege (1990)
The Red Horseman (1993)
Cuba (1998)*
Hong Kong (2000)*
America (2001)*
Liberty (2003)*
Liars and Thieves (2004)**
The Traitor (2006)**
The Assassin (2007)**
The Disciple (2009)**
Pirate Alley (2013)**
The Art of War (2016)**
Liberty’s Last Stand (2016)**
The Armageddon File (2017)**
The Russia Account (2019)**

*Those novels are part of the Jake Grafton series but also feature Tommy Carmellini who continued in his own spin-off.
**Those novels are part of the Tommy Carmellini spin-off series but also feature Jake Grafton.

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