Jane Yellowrock Books in Order, by Faith Hunter

This urban fantasy series written by Faith Hunter follows the adventures of Jane Yellowrock, a Cherokee skinwalker who hunts rogue vampires for a living.

Set in modern-day New Orleans, the series explores a world where supernatural creatures such as vampires, witches, and shapeshifters live alongside humans, often in secrecy.

Jane Yellowrock is a skilled and tough-as-nails hunter with a mysterious past. She can shapeshift into any creature she desires, but her preferred form is that of a mountain lion. Jane works as a hired gun for vampires, using her unique abilities to track down and eliminate rogue vampires who threaten the delicate balance of power in the supernatural community.

Here is the Jane Yellowrock Series in Order

Prequel Short Stories

Water Witch
Explosion on King’s Street
Eighteen Sixty
Wolves Howling in the Night
WeSa and the Lumber King
Make it Snappy
The Early Years“*
Cat Tats“*
Signatures of the Dead“*

The Jane Yellowrock Series

Skinwalker (2009)
First Sight“*
Blood Cross (2009)
Mercy Blade (2011)
Blood, Fangs and Going Furry“*
Dance Master“*
Raven Cursed (2012)
Cajun With Fangs“*
Golden Delicious“*
Easy Pickings” (2012)
Death’s Rival (2012)
George Meets Beast
Blood Trade (2013)
The Devil’s Left Boot“*
Beneath a Bloody Moon“*
Black Water“*
Black Arts (2014)
Off the Grid“*
Shiloh and the Brick
Broken Soul (2014)
Not All is as it Seems“*
Dark Heir (2015)
Blood of the Earth (2016)**
How Occam Got His Name
Cat Fight“*
Bound No More“*
Candy from a Vampire
It’s just a Date
Shadow Rites (2016)
Curse on the Land (2016)**
Anzu, Duba, Beast
She Bitch
Cold Reign (2017)
Flame in the Dark (2017)**
Black Friday Shopping
Death and the Fashionista
My Dark Knight
Dark Queen (2018)
Shattered Bonds (2019)
Circle of the Moon (2019)**
Bound into Darkness
The Ties That Bind
Liz and Eli Sitting
True Dead (2021)
Final Heir (2022)

*Short stories collected in one volume titled Blood in Her Veins (2016).
**This book is part of Faith Hunter’s Soulwood Series.

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