Jenny Starling Books in Order, by Faith Martin

Originally published by British author Faith Martin under the pseudonym Joyce Cato, The series follows the adventures of Jenny Starling, a traveling cook with a knack for solving mysteries.

Jenny Starling is a free-spirited and resourceful cook who travels around England working various catering jobs. Along the way, she often finds herself stumbling upon murders and other crimes, that she can’t resist investigating.

Despite her unassuming appearance, Jenny possesses keen observational skills and a sharp intellect that aid her in solving the mysteries she encounters.

Each book in the series typically features Jenny taking on a new catering job in a different location, only to become embroiled in a murder investigation.

Here is the Jenny Starling Series in Order

The Birthday Mystery (Birthdays Can Be Murder, 2010)
The Winter Mystery (A Fatal Fall of Snow, 2011)
The Riverboat Mystery (Dying for a Cruise, 2012)
The Castle Mystery (The Invisible Murder2012)
The Oxford Mystery (Deadly Stuff, 2014)
The Teatime Mystery (Just Not Cricket, 2015)
The Country Inn Mystery (2019)

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