Joe Pickett Books in Order, by C.J. Box

Written by C.J. Box (Cassie Dewell), this series revolves around the life and adventures of Joe Pickett, a game warden in the state of Wyoming.

Joe is a dedicated and principled law enforcement officer who works to protect the natural resources and wildlife of his state.

The story follows Joe as he navigates the challenges of his job, enforces hunting and fishing laws, and deals with various criminal activities in the rural landscapes of Wyoming as he finds himself entangled in complex investigations, facing environmental threats, and dealing with the tensions of small-town life.

Here is the Joe Pickett Series in Order

Open Season (2001)
Savage Run (2002)
Winterkill (2003)
Dull Knife” (2005)*
Trophy Hunt (2004)
Out of Range (2005)
In Plain Sight (2006)
Free Fire (2007)
Blood Trail (2008)
Below Zero (2009)
Nowhere To Run (2010)
The Master Falconer” (2006)*
Cold Wind (2011)
Force Of Nature (2012)
Breaking Point (2013)
Stone Cold (2014)
One-Car Bridge (2015)*
Endangered (2015)
Off The Grid (2016)
Vicious Circle (2017)
The Disappeared (2018)
Honor & …“ (short story)**
Wolf Pack (2019)
Long Range (2020)
Dark Sky (2021)
Shadows Reel (2022)
Storm Watch (2023)
Three-Inch Teeth (2024)

*Short stories collected in the volume titled Shots Fired.
**This short story features Joe Pickett and Sandra Brown’s character Lee Coburn from her novel Lethal.

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