Jonathan Grave Books in Order, by John Gilstrap

Jonathan Grave is a highly skilled and resourceful ex-Delta Force operative who specializes in rescue missions and covert operations.

He operates as a freelance security consultant and troubleshooter, taking on dangerous assignments to rescue hostages, extract individuals from perilous situations, and combat various threats to national security.

Grave leads a team of experts with diverse skills, including his partner Boxers, who adds a unique dynamic to their missions.

The Jonathan Grave book series is written by John Gilstrap.

Here is the Jonathan Grave Series in Order

Soft Targets” (2013)*
No Mercy (2009)
Hostage Zero (2010)
Threat Warning (2011)
Damage Control (2011)
High Treason (2013)
End Game (2014)
Against All Enemies (2015)
Friendly Fire (2016)
Final Target (2017)
Scorpion Strike (2018)
Total Mayhem (2019)
Hellfire (2020)
Stealth Attack (2021)
Lethal Game (2022)
Harm’s Way (2023)
Zero Sum (2024)

*This is a prequel novella originally published after High Treason.

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