Jonathan Quinn Books in Order, by Brett Battles

Written by Brett Battles, this book series follows Jonathan Quinn, a professional “cleaner” or “retainer” who specializes in making crime scenes disappear.

Quinn and his team, including his apprentice Nate and the information specialist Orlando, work for a shadowy organization that hires them to eliminate evidence, bodies, and traces of illegal activities.

As the stories progress, Quinn and his team find themselves entangled in larger conspiracies, facing powerful adversaries, and navigating the complex world of espionage and covert operations.

Here is the Jonathan Quinn Series in Order

Becoming Quinn” (2011)*
Just Another Job” (2011)*
The Cleaner (2006)
The Deceived (2008)
Shadow of Betrayal (2009)
The Silenced (2011)
Off The Clock” (2011)
The Destroyed (2012)
The Collected (2012)
The Enraged (2013)
The Discarded (2014)
The Buried (2015)
The Unleashed (2016)
The Aggrieved (2017)
The Fractured (2018)
The Damaged (2019)
The Unknown (2020)
The Vanished (2020)
The Taken (2023)

*Prequel novella and short story.

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