Joona Linna Books in Order, by Lars Kepler

Also known as The Killer Instinct series, this book series by Lars Kepler follows the investigations of Joona Linna, a Swedish detective who works to solve complex and often gruesome crimes.

Joona Linna is a determined and intuitive detective who can be relentless in his pursuit of justice.

Throughout the series, he tackles a variety of cases ranging from serial killings to kidnappings, each presenting its own set of challenges and twists.

Here is the Joona Linna Series in Order

The Hypnotist (2009)
The Nightmare (2012)
The Fire Witness (2013)
The Sandman (2014)
Stalker (2016)
Hunter (2018)
Lazarus (2020)
The Mirror Man (2022)
The Spider (2023)

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