Kate Burkholder Books in Order, by Linda Castillo

Kate Burkholder grew up in an Amish community but left to pursue a career in law enforcement.

Now, she serves as the chief of police in the fictional town of Painters Mill, located in Ohio’s Amish country.

Despite being an outsider to the Amish lifestyle, Kate is uniquely positioned to navigate both worlds, and her personal connections sometimes become entangled in the cases she investigates.

The Kate Burkholder book series is written by Linda Castillo.

Here is the Kate Burkholder Series in Order

Sworn to Silence (2009)
Pray for Silence (2010)
Breaking Silence (2011)
Gone Missing (2012)
Long Lost” (2013)*
Her Last Breath (2013)
The Dead Will Tell (2014)
A Hidden Secret” (2015)*
After the Storm (2015)
Seeds of Deception” (2016)*
Among the Wicked (2016)
Only the Lucky” (2018)*
Down a Dark Road (2017)
In Dark Company” (2018)*
A Gathering of Secrets (2018)
In Plain Sight” (2019)*
Shamed (2019)
The Pact“(2020)
Outsider (2020)
Fallen (2021)
Blood Moon” (2022)
The Hidden One (2022)
Hallowed Ground” (2023)
An Evil Heart (2023)
The Burning (2024)

*Short stories collected in one volume titled “A Simple Murder.”

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