Kate Daniels Books in Order, by Ilona Andrews

This urban fantasy series co-written by Ilona Andrews (Innkeeper Chronicles) follows the story of Kate Daniels, a mercenary with a troubled past, living in a world where magic and technology go through alternating periods of dominance.

Set in a post-apocalyptic Atlanta, the series introduces a world where magic can be a force for both good and evil. In this world, waves of magic and technology fluctuate, leading to unpredictable shifts that affect everyday life. Kate Daniels, with a mysterious and powerful heritage, works as a “cleaner,” taking on jobs to resolve magical problems and conflicts.

As the series unfolds, Kate becomes embroiled in a complex web of supernatural politics, facing challenges from various magical factions, including shapeshifters, vampires, and ancient mythological beings.

Here is the Kate Daniels Series in Order

A Questionable Client” (2011)*
Magic Bites (2007)
Magic Burns (2008)
Magic Strikes (2009)
Magic Mourns” (2011)
Magic Bleeds (2010)
Curran POV Collection” (2016)**
Magic Dreams” (2012)
Magic Slays (2011)
Magic Gifts” (2015)
Gunmetal Magic” (2012)
An Ill Advised Rescue” (2013)
Retribution Clause” (2012)*
Magic Rises (2013)
Magic Steals” (2016)
Magic Breaks (2014)
Magic Shifts (2015)
Magic Stars” (2015)
Magic Binds (2016)
Magic Tests” (2012)*
Magic Triumphs (2018)
Magic Tides (2023)***
Magic Claims (2023)***
Blood Heir (2021)

*Short stories published in the book Small Magics (2015).
**Short stories published as ebooks on the author’s website.
***Part of the Kate Daniels: Wilmington Years series.

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