Kate Shackleton Books in Order, by Frances Brody

Written by Frances Brody, the Kate Shackleton Mystery series follows the adventures of Kate Shackleton, a private investigator based in Yorkshire, England, during the 1920s and 1930s.

Kate Shackleton is a resourceful and independent woman who, after the loss of her husband during World War I, finds herself drawn to detective work.

Throughout the series, Kate navigates through the complexities of Yorkshire society, uncovering secrets and solving mysteries amidst a backdrop of post-war recovery and societal transformation.

Along the way, she forms relationships with her assistant Sykes, and her friend Inspector Marcus Charles.

Here is the Kate Shackleton Series in Order

Kate Shackleton’s First Case” (2018)*
Dying in the Wool (2009)
A Medal For Murder (2010)
Murder in the Afternoon (2011)
A Woman Unknown (2012)
Murder on a Summer’s Day (2013)
Death of an Avid Reader (2014)
A Death in the Dales (2015)
Death at the Seaside (2016)
Death in the Stars (2017)
A Snapshot of Murder (2018)
The Body on the Train (2019)
Death and the Brewery Queen (2020)
A Mansion for Murder (2022)

*A prequel short story, can be read later.

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