Keeper of the Lost Cities Books in Order, by Shannon Messenger

A fantasy book series written by Shannon Messenger, The Keeper of the Lost Cities begins with Sophie, a highly intelligent and telepathic girl living in the human world, discovering that she actually belongs to a hidden and advanced society of elves.

Sophie possesses unique abilities that set her apart, including the ability to read minds.

As she joins the elven world, she learns about her true identity and becomes a student at the Lost Cities, where elves with special abilities like telepathy, telekinesis, and more, live together.

Here is the Keeper of the Lost Cities Series in Order

Keeper of the Lost Cities (2012)
Exile (2013)
Everblaze (2014)
Neverseen (2015)
Lodestar (2016)
Nightfall (2017)
Flashback (2018)
Legacy (2019)
Unlocked” (2020)
Stellarlune (2022)

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