Keller Books in Order, by Lawrence Block

Written by Lawrence Block (Matthew Scudder), this book series follows the story of John Paul Keller, a hitman for hire with a meticulous and methodical approach to his profession.

Keller is a complex and introspective character who approaches his assignments with a dispassionate professionalism.

Each book in the series typically revolves around a specific contract or job that Keller undertakes, providing readers with a glimpse into the world of contract killing and its psychological impact on the protagonist.

Here is the Keller Series in Order

Hit Man (1998)
Hit List (2000)
Enough Rope (2002)*
Hit Parade (2006)
Hit and Run (2008)
Hit Me (2013)
Keller’s Fedora (2016)**

*This collection of eighty-four short stories contains five Keller stories.
**Keller’s Fedora is a novella.

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