Kendra Michaels Books in Order, by Roy and Iris Johansen

Kendra Michaels is a remarkable woman with heightened sensory abilities, including an exceptional sense of sight and the ability to read people’s expressions with remarkable accuracy.

She collaborates with law enforcement professionals, including private investigator Jessie Mercado and FBI agent Adam Lynch. Together, they tackle a variety of cases, from murder mysteries to complex criminal conspiracies.

Kendra’s abilities play a crucial role in solving these cases and bringing criminals to justice.

Here is the Kendra Michaels Series in Order

Close Your Eyes (2012)
With Open Eyes” (2012)
Sight Unseen (2014)
The Naked Eye (2015)
Night Watch (2016)
Look Behind You (2017)
Double Blind (2018)
Hindsight (2020)
Blink of an Eye (2021)
More Than Meets the Eye (2023)
Flashback (2024)

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