Kurland St. Mary Mystery Books in Order, by Catherine Lloyd

The Kurland St. Mary Mystery series by Catherine Lloyd is a historical mystery series set in the early 19th century in the fictional English village of Kurland St. Mary.

The series follows Reverend Robert “Robbie” Hardcastle and his wife, Lucy, as they find themselves embroiled in solving various murders and mysteries that occur in their village.

Despite their roles in the church, they possess keen observational skills and a determination to uncover the truth behind the crimes that plague their community.

Here is the Kurland St. Mary Mystery Series in Order

Death Comes to the Village (2013)
Death Comes to London (2014)
Death Comes to Kurland Hall (2015)
Death Comes to the Fair (2016)
Death Comes to the School (2017)
Death Comes to Bath (2018)
Death Comes to the Nursery (2020)
Death Comes to the Rectory (2021)

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