Kurt Wallander Books in Order, by Henning Mankell

Kurt Wallander is a police detective in the fictional town of Ystad, Sweden. The book series, written by Henning Mankell follows Wallander as he investigates various crimes, including murders, kidnappings, and complex criminal conspiracies.

Wallander is depicted as a dedicated and often troubled detective who is deeply committed to solving the cases that come his way.

As the series progresses, Wallander faces struggles in his personal and professional lives, including his relationships with family and colleagues, and the emotional toll of dealing with violent and heinous crimes.

Here is the Kurt Wallander Series in Order

The Pyramid (2008)
Faceless Killers (1991)
The Dogs of Riga (1992)
The White Lioness (1993)
The Man Who Smiled (1994)
Sidetracked (1995)
The Fifth Woman (1997)
One Step Behind (1997)
Firewall (1998)
Before the Frost (2004)
An Event in Autumn (2014)
The Troubled Man (2011)

*It’s a prequel and a collection of stories, you’d better start with Faceless Killers.

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