Lady Darby Books in Order, by Anna Lee Huber

Lady Kiera Darby is a widow with a keen interest and talent in art. Set in the early 19th century, the series written by Anna Lee Huber begins with Lady Darby being reluctantly drawn into criminal investigations.

Kiera possesses a unique skill–she is an accomplished artist who has the ability to capture details that others might overlook.

As she navigates the social constraints of her time, Lady Darby uses her intellect and artistic talents to unravel complex and sometimes dangerous mysteries, all while developing a partnership with Sebastian Gage, a fellow investigator, and dealing with personal challenges.

Here is the Lady Darby Series in Order

The Anatomist’s Wife (2012)
Mortal Arts (2013)
A Grave Matter (2014)
A Study in Death (2015)
A Pressing Engagement” (2016)
As Death Draws Near (2016)
A Brush with Shadows (2018)
An Artless Demise (2019)
A Stroke of Malice (2020)
A Wicked Conceit (2021)
A Perilous Perspective (2022)
A Fatal Illusion (2023)
A Deceptive Composition (2024)

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