Lady Emily Books in Order, by Tasha Alexander

Lady Emily Ashton is an independent and intelligent young widow living in Victorian England.

The series written by Tasha Alexander begins with Lady Emily being widowed after a short and unhappy marriage.

However, instead of conforming to societal expectations, Lady Emily decides to pursue her interests in art, travel, and solving mysteries.

Alongside her close circle of friends and associates, including her childhood friend Ivy, her husband’s best friend Jeremy, and her future husband Colin, Lady Emily travels to different locations and uncovers hidden secrets.

Here is the Lady Emily Series in Order

And Only to Deceive (2005)
A Poisoned Season (2007)
A Fatal Waltz (2008)
The Bridal Strain” (2018)
Tears of Pearl (2009)
Dangerous to Know (2010)
A Crimson Warning (2011)
Death in the Floating City (2012)
Behind the Shattered Glass (2013)
The Counterfeit Heiress (2014)
Star of the East” (2014)
The Adventuress (2015)
That Silent Night” (2015)
A Terrible Beauty (2016)
Death in St Petersburg (2017)
Amid the Winter’s Snow” (2018)
Uneasy Lies the Crown (2018)
Upon the Midnight Clear” (2019)
In the Shadow of Vesuvius (2020)
The Dark Heart of Florence (2021)
Secrets of the Nile (2022)
A Cold Highland Wind (2023)
Death by Misadventure (2024)

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