Lady Sherlock Books in Order, by Sherry Thomas

The Lady Sherlock book series by Sherry Thomas is a historical mystery series that reimagines Sherlock Holmes as Charlotte Holmes, a brilliant and unconventional woman living in Victorian England.

The story starts when Charlotte Holmes creates the persona of “Sherlock Holmes” in order to solve crimes and navigate society’s expectations for women.

Charlotte uses her keen intellect and deductive skills to solve mysteries and assist Inspector Treadles of Scotland Yard. Alongside her are her loyal friends and allies, including Mrs. Watson, the widow of a disgraced doctor who becomes Charlotte’s confidante and partner in crime-solving.

Here is the Lady Sherlock Series in Order

A Study In Scarlet Women (2016)
A Conspiracy in Belgravia (2017)
The Hollow of Fear (2018)
The Art of Theft (2019)
Murder on Cold Street (2020)
Miss Moriarty, I Presume? (2021)
A Tempest at Sea (2023)
A Ruse of Shadows (2024)

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