Lily Bard Books in Order, by Charlaine Harris

Lily Bard is a cleaning lady with a complicated past who lives in the small town of Shakespeare, Arkansas. She works to build a quiet and solitary existence for herself.

However, her plans for a low-key life are disrupted when she becomes involved in solving various mysteries and crimes that occur in her community. Lily’s past experiences and her keen observational skills contribute to her success as an amateur sleuth.

The series explores Lily’s personal journey, the secrets of her past, and her efforts to find justice in the midst of the small-town intrigues and mysteries that unfold around her. This mystery series was written by Charlaine Harris (Aurora Teagarden).

Here is the Lily Bard Series in Order

Shakespeare’s Landlord (1996)
Shakespeare’s Champion (1997)
Shakespeare’s Christmas (1998)
Shakespeare’s Trollop (2000)
Shakespeare’s Counselor (2001)

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