Lucas Davenport Books in Order, by John Sandford

Also known as the Prey series, the Lucas Davenport book series is about a detective working for the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA).

Known for his sharp intellect, maverick approach to investigations, and knack for getting results, Lucas Davenport rises through the ranks, eventually becoming an investigator for the governor of Minnesota.

He usually investigates complex and high-profile criminal cases, including serial murders, political intrigue, and other heinous crimes.

This crime series was written by John Sandford (Virgil Flowers) who’s also working on a spin-off series featuring the Letty Davenport character.

Here is the Lucas Davenport Series in Order

Rules of Prey (1989)
Shadow Prey
Eyes of Prey
Silent Prey
Winter Prey
Night Prey
Mind Prey
Sudden Prey
Secret Prey
Certain Prey
Easy Prey
Chosen Prey
Mortal Prey
Naked Prey
Hidden Prey
Broken Prey
Invisible Prey
Phantom Prey
Wicked Prey
Storm Prey
Buried Prey
Stolen Prey
Silken Prey
Field of Prey
Rhymes with Prey” (2014)*
Gathering Prey
Extreme Prey
Golden Prey
Twisted Prey
Neon Prey
Masked Prey
Ocean Prey
Righteous Prey
Judgment Prey
Toxic Prey

*This novella originally published in the thriller anthology FaceOff is a crossover with the Lincoln Rhyme series and was co-written with Jeffery Deaver.

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