Maeve Kerrigan Books in Order, by Jane Casey

Detective Constable Maeve Kerrigan is working for the London Metropolitan Police and has to navigate the challenges of police work, including office politics, strained relationships with colleagues, and the emotional toll of dealing with violent crime.

Working with her colleague, Detective Inspector Josh Derwent, Kerrigan investigates a variety of complex and often gruesome crimes, ranging from murders to disappearances in this series written by Jane Casey (Jess Tennant).

Here is the Maeve Kerrigan Series in Order

Left For Dead” (2013)*
The Burning (2010)
The Reckoning (2011)
The Last Girl (2012)
The Stranger You Know (2013)
The Kill (2014)
After the Fire (2015)
Let the Dead Speak (2017)
One in Custody” (2019)
Cruel Acts (2019)
Love Lies Bleeding” (2019)
Silent Kill” (2020)
The Cutting Place (2020)
The Close (2023)
A Stranger in the Family (2024)

*A prequel novella.

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