Maggie Hope Books in Order, by Susan Elia MacNeal

This historical mystery series written by Susan Elia MacNeal set during World War II follows the adventures of Maggie Hope, an intelligent and resourceful young woman who becomes involved in espionage and code-breaking activities.

She starts as a typist at No. 10 Downing Street in London but soon finds herself drawn into the world of secret intelligence, taking on various assignments that involve solving mysteries, thwarting espionage plots, and contributing to the war effort.

Here is the Maggie Hope Series in Order

Mr. Churchill’s Secretary (2012)
Princess Elizabeth’s Spy (2012)
His Majesty’s Hope (2013)
The Prime Minister’s Secret Agent (2014)
Mrs. Roosevelt’s Confidante (2015)
The Queen’s Accomplice (2016)
The Paris Spy (2017)
The Prisoner in the Castle (2018)
The King’s Justice (2020)
The Hollywood Spy (2021)
The Last Hope (2024)

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