Maggie O’Dell Books in Order, by Alex Kava

Written by Alex Kava (Ryder Creed), the Maggie O’Dell book series follows an FBI profiler and her investigations into various criminal cases, including serial murders, kidnappings, and other violent crimes.

As a profiler, Maggie O’Dell uses her expertise in criminal psychology to analyze evidence, profile suspects, and solve complex cases.

Throughout the series, she faces personal and professional challenges.

Here is the Maggie O’Dell Series in Order

Before Evil” (2017)
A Perfect Evil (2000)
Split Second (2001)
The Soul Catcher (2002)
Goodnight, Sweet Mother” (2006)*
At The Stroke Of Madness (2003)
A Necessary Evil (2006)
Exposed (2007)
Black Friday (2009)
A Breath of Hot Air” (2010)*
Damaged (2010)
Hotwire (2011)
Cold Metal Night” (2011)*
Fireproof (2012)
Stranded (2013)
Electric Blue” (2013)*

*Novellas collected in one volume titled Off The Grid (2016).

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