Magic Tree House Books in Order, by Mary Pope Osborne

The Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne is a beloved collection of children’s books that combine adventure, history, and fantasy.

The series follows the adventures of siblings Jack and Annie as they discover a magical tree house filled with books. With the help of the tree house’s magical properties, Jack and Annie are able to travel through time and space to various historical periods and locations.

In each book, Jack and Annie are given a specific mission or quest by the enchanting librarian, Morgan le Fay, who owns the tree house.

There is a spin-off series, Magic Tree House: Merlin Missions.

Here is the Magic Tree House Series in Order

Dinosaurs Before Dark (1992)
The Knight at Dawn (1993)
Mummies in the Morning (1993)
Pirates Past Noon (1994)
Night of the Ninjas (1995)
Afternoon on the Amazon (1995)
Sunset of the Sabertooth (1996)
Midnight on the Moon (1996)
Dolphins at Daybreak (1997)
Ghost Town at Sundown (1997)
Lions at Lunchtime (1998)
Polar Bears Past Bedtime (1998)
Vacation Under the Volcano (1998)
Day of the Dragon King (1998)
Viking Ships at Sunrise (1998)
Hour of the Olympics (1998)
Tonight on the Titanic (1999)
Buffalo Before Breakfast (1999)
Tigers at Twilight (1999)
Dingoes at Dinnertime (2000)
Civil War on Sunday (2000)
Revolutionary War on Wednesday (2000)
Twister on Tuesday (2001)
Earthquake in the Early Morning (2001)
Stage Fright on a Summer Night (2002)
Good Morning, Gorillas (2002)
Thanksgiving on Thursday (2002)
High Tide in Hawaii (2003)
A Big Day for Baseball (2017)
Hurricane Heroes in Texas (2018)
Warriors in Winter (2019)
To the Future, Ben Franklin! (2019)
Narwhal on a Sunny Night (2020)
Late Lunch with Llamas (2020)
Camp Time in California (2021)
Sunlight on the Snow Leopard (2022)
Rhinos at Recess (2023)
Time of the Turtle King (2023)
Windy Night with Wild Horses (2024)

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