Marcus Didius Falco Books in Order, by Lindsey Davis

A historical mystery series written by Lindsey Davis, the Marcus Didius Falco series is set in ancient Rome during the reign of Emperor Vespasian in the first century AD.

The story follows the adventures of Marcus Didius Falco, a cynical and wisecracking informer–private investigator–who solves crimes and navigates the political intrigue of Roman society.

Falco is a resourceful and street-smart protagonist who often finds himself entangled in complex mysteries involving murder, theft, and political corruption. He also works closely with his friends and allies, including his love interest Helena Justina, a senator’s daughter, and his loyal and resourceful slave, Petronius.

Once the Marcus Didius Falco series concluded, Lindsey Davis continued with a spin-off, the Flavia Albia Mysteries.

Here is the Marcus Didius Falco Series in Order

The Silver Pigs (1989)
Shadows in Bronze (1990)
Venus in Copper (1991)
The Iron Hand of Mars (1992)
Poseidon’s Gold (1993)
Last Act in Palmyra (1994)
Time to Depart (1995)
A Dying Light in Corduba (1996)
Three Hands in the Fountain (1997)
Two for the Lions (1998)
One Virgin Too Many (1999)
Ode to a Banker (2000)
A Body in the Bath House (2001)
The Jupiter Myth (2002)
The Accusers (2003)
Scandal Takes a Holiday (2004)
See Delphi and Die (2005)
Saturnalia (2007)
Alexandria (2009)
Nemesis (2009)

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