Matthew Bartholomew Books in Order, by Susanna Gregory

A historical mystery series written by Susanna Gregory set in medieval England during the 14th century, the series follows the investigations of Matthew Bartholomew, a physician and scholar at the University of Cambridge.

Matthew Bartholomew is a forward-thinking and independent-minded physician who is dedicated to his patients and the pursuit of knowledge.

As a member of the university community, Bartholomew finds himself drawn into the world of crime-solving when murders and other crimes occur within the university or its surrounding area.

Here is the Matthew Bartholomew Series in Order

A Plague On Both Your Houses (1996)
An Unholy Alliance
A Bone of Contention
A Deadly Brew
A Wicked Deed
A Masterly Murder
An Order for Death
A Summer of Discontent
A Killer in Winter
The Hand of Justice
The Mark of a Murderer
The Tarnished Chalice
To Kill or Cure
The Devil’s Disciples
A Vein of Deceit
The Killer of Pilgrims
Mystery in the Minster
Murder by the Book
The Lost Abbot
Death of a Scholar
A Poisonous Plot
A Grave Concern
The Habit of Murder
The Sanctuary Murders
The Chancellor’s Secret

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