Matthew Scudder Books in Order, by Lawrence Block

Matthew Scudder is a former New York City police detective, a recovering alcoholic, and an unlicensed private investigator.

He tackles different cases, often involving murder, organized crime, and the gritty underbelly of the city. Scudder is haunted by his past, including a tragic shooting during his time as a cop, and he grapples with his own moral code and his alcohol addiction.

The Matthew Scudder book series is written by Lawrence Block (Bernie Rhodenbarr).

Here is the Matthew Scudder Series in Order

The Sins of the Fathers (1976)
Time to Murder and Create (1979)
In the Midst of Death (1976)
A Stab in the Dark (1981)
Eight Million Ways to Die (1982)
When the Sacred Ginmill Closes (1986)
Out on the Cutting Edge (1989)
A Ticket to the Boneyard (1990)
A Dance at the Slaughterhouse (1991)
A Walk Among the Tombstones (1992)
The Devil Knows You’re Dead (1993)
A Long Line of Dead Men (1994)
Even the Wicked (1996)
Everybody Dies (1998)
Hope to Die (2001)
All the Flowers Are Dying (2005)
A Drop of the Hard Stuff (2011)
The Night and The Music (2013)*

*This is a collection of short stories featuring Scudder.

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