Mercy Thompson Books in Order, by Patricia Briggs

Mercedes “Mercy” Thompson is a mechanic in the Tri-Cities of Washington, but not an ordinary mechanic; she is a “walker,” a Native American shape-shifter who can transform into a coyote at will.

In a world where supernatural creatures, including werewolves, vampires, and fae, coexist with humans, Mercy navigates the challenges of her dual identity. As a walker, Mercy is not bound by the strict pack structure of werewolves, and she lives as a lone wolf.

However, her connections to the supernatural world become increasingly complex as she becomes involved in various supernatural conflicts and investigations. Mercy’s interactions with werewolves, including the powerful Alpha werewolf Adam Hauptman, and other supernatural beings form a significant part of the series.

This urban fantasy series is written by Patricia Briggs (Alpha and Omega).

Here is the Mercy Thompson Series in Order

Moon Called (2006)
Blood Bound (2007)
Iron Kissed (2008)
Bone Crossed (2009)
Silver Borne (2010)
River Marked (2011)
Frost Burned (2013)
Night Broken (2014)
Shifting Shadows (2014)*
Fire Touched (2016)
Silence Fallen (2017)
Storm Cursed (2019)
Smoke Bitten (2020)
Soul Taken (2022)
Winter Lost (2024)

*This is a collection of short stories.

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