Mr. and Mrs. North Books in Order, by Richard & Frances Lockridge

Jerry North and his wife, Pam North, live in New York City and have a knack for stumbling upon criminal activities or discovering corpses.

Despite their lack of formal detective training, they become embroiled in investigations, often working to solve crimes and uncover the truth behind mysterious events.

Jerry is a publisher and Pam is a housewife, but they are both amateur detectives in this lighthearted book series written by Frances and Richard Lockridge.

Here is the Mr. and Mrs. North Series in Order

The Norths Meet Murder (1940)
A Pinch of Poison (1941)
Murder Out of Turn (1941)
Death on the Aisle (1942)
Hanged for a Sheep (1942)
Death Takes a Bow (1943)
Killing the Goose (1944)
Payoff for the Banker (1945)
Death of a Tall Man (1946)
Murder Within Murder (1946)
Untidy Murder (1947)
Murder Is Served (1948)
The Dishonest Murderer (1949)
Murder in a Hurry (1950)
Murder Comes First (1951)
Dead As a Dinosaur (1952)
Curtain for a Jester (1953)
Death Has a Small Voice (1953)
Key to Death (1954)
Death of an Angel (1955)
Voyage into Violence (1956)
Long Skeleton (1958)
Murder Is Suggested (1959)
The Judge Is Reversed (1960)
Murder Has Its Points (1962)
Murder by the Book (1963)

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