Nathan Heller Books in Order, by Max Allan Collins

This historical crime series written by Max Allan Collins follows the character Nathan Heller, a fictional private investigator and detective, who is involved in solving various criminal cases, often against the backdrop of real historical events.

Heller, equipped with his detective skills, tackles cases involving high-profile figures, political scandals, and notorious crimes–and he interacts with real historical figures, including politicians, celebrities, and criminals.

Here is the Nathan Heller Series in Order

True Detective (1983)
True Crime (1984)
The Million Dollar Wound (1986)
Neon Mirage (1988)
Stolen Away (1991)
Carnal Hours (1994)
Blood and Thunder (1995)
Damned in Paradise (1996)
Flying Blind (1998)
Majic Man (1999)
Angel in Black (2001)
Chicago Confidential (2002)
Bye Bye, Baby (2011)
Target Lancer (2012)
Ask Not (2013)
Better Dead (2016)
Do No Harm (2020)
The Big Bundle (2022)
Too Many Bullets (2023)

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