Nathan Shapiro Books in Order, by Richard Lockridge

Mostly written by Richard Lockridge, this book series revolves around the character of Nathan Shapiro, a New York City Police detective who is quite good at his work but cannot seem to realize it.

In fact, he assumes that he is just less competent than his colleagues. Because of that, he always appeared to be depressed.

Here is the Nathan Shapiro Series in Order

The Faceless Adversary (1956)
Murder and Blueberry Pie (1959)
The Tangled Cord (1960)
The Drill Is Death (1961)
Murder Can’t Wait (1964)*
Murder for Art’s Sake (1967)
Die Laughing (1969)
Preach No More (1971)
Write Murder Down (1972)
Or Was He Pushed? (1975)
A Streak of Light (1976)
The Old Die Young (1980)

*This is a Captain Heimrich book, but Nathan Shapiro appeared in it.

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