Nolan Books in Order, by Max Allan Collins

Written by Max Allan Collins, this series follows the adventures of a professional thief named Nolan who, as he wants to pull one big last job, partners with a young cartoonist named Jon.

Together, they plan and execute heists, often targeting criminals, and face challenges, both in terms of the jobs Nolan takes on and the personal risks associated with his criminal lifestyle.

Here is the Nolan Series in Order

Bait Money (1973)*
Blood Money (1973)*
Fly Paper (1981)
Hush Money (1981)
Hard Cash (1981)
Scratch Fever (1982)
Spree (1987)
Mourn the Living (1988)*
Skim Deep (2020)

*Described by Collins as a prequel of sorts. It was the first Nolan he wrote which was not published until 1999.

The Nolan Omnibus Reprints in Order

The Nolan books were mostly out-of-print for a time but were reprinted in multiple volumes, each one collecting two novels.

Two for the Money (Bait Money and Blood Money) (2004)
Double Down (Fly Paper and Hush Money) (2021)
Tough Tender (Hard Cash and Scratch Fever) (2022)
Mad Money (Spree and Mourn the Living) (2023)

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