NUMA Files in Order, by Clive Cussler

The adventures of the National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA) and its director, Kurt Austin. NUMA is a fictional government agency dedicated to maritime exploration, research, and rescue operations.

Kurt Austin leads a team of experts and operatives, including Joe Zavala, engaging in a variety of missions that often involve uncovering historical mysteries, preventing environmental disasters, and thwarting the plans of international villains.

The NUMA Files series is a spin-off of the Dirk Pitt series co-authored by Clive Cussler and various co-writers.

Here are the NUMA Files Books in Order

Serpent (1999)*
Blue Gold (2000)*
Fire Ice (2002)*
White Death (2003)*
Lost City (2004)*
Polar Shift (2005)*
The Navigator (2007)*
Medusa (2009)*
Devil’s Gate (2011)**
The Storm (2012)**
Zero Hour (2013)**
Ghost Ship (2014)**
The Pharaoh’s Secret (2015)**
Nighthawk (2017)**
The Rising Sea (2018)**
Sea of Greed (2018)**
Journey of the Pharaohs (2020)**
Fast Ice (2021)**
Dark Vector (2022)**
Condor’s Fury (2023)**

*Novels co-written with Paul Kemprecos.
**Novels co-written with Graham Brown.

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