Ocean Liner Mystery books in order, by Edward Marston

The Ocean Liner Mystery series by Edward Marston is a fictional detective series set aboard luxury ocean liners during the early 20th century.

The series follows a detective or a team of detectives as they investigate crimes that occur on board these ships during their voyages.

Each book in the series typically features a new mystery or crime to solve, with the setting of the ocean liner providing a unique backdrop for the investigation. The mysteries often involve a diverse cast of characters, including passengers and crew members, each with their own secrets and motives.

Here is the Ocean Liner Mystery Series in Order

Murder on the Lusitania (1999)
Murder on the Mauretania (2000)
Murder on the Minnesota (2002)
Murder on the Caronia (2003)
Murder on the Marmora (2004)
Murder on the Salsette (2005)
Murder on the Oceanic (2006)
Murder on the Celtic (2007)

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