Odd Thomas Books in Order, by Dean Koontz

The story is about Odd Thomas, a fry cook with the ability to see the spirits of the dead. One day, he becomes entangled in a mission to prevent a catastrophic event in his small town of Pico Mundo.

Guided by his ability to see the lingering spirits of the deceased, Odd faces a malevolent force that threatens not only the living but also the afterlife.

The supernatural horror mystery series is written by Dean Koontz.

Here is the Odd Thomas Series in Order

You Are Destined To Be Together Forever” (2014)
Odd Thomas (2003)
Forever Odd (2005)
Brother Odd (2006)
Odd Hours (2008)
Odd Interlude” (2012)
Odd Apocalypse (2012)
Deeply Odd (2013)
Saint Odd (2015)

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